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Why Ignite Learning Academy

Most schools don’t appropriately serve the needs of ALL students, often leaving behind students by ignoring their personal learning style, needs and goals. The vast majority of online private schools were created as yet another schooling option spearheaded by the same corporation that runs many other schools.

Ignite Learning Academy was created to fill the gaps where traditional education fails. At ILA, students feel known and cared for, they’re encouraged to thrive and their tuition supports the growth of the school and not the pockets of third-party shareholders.

Our founder, Dr. Kelly Van Sande, holds a doctorate degree in education and is a certified school superintendent. She has spent more than a dozen years in online school leadership and her entire career in education (including as a classroom teacher and principal). Education is her passion and you will see it shine through in every aspect of Ignite Learning Academy.

The Perfect Solution For Your Child In K-12

Our school meets the unique needs of every student. We know a student's academic abilities cannot be captured by a standardized test. Unlike public schools (traditional/charter/online), we don't spend weeks out of every year administering assessments in order to receive funding; instead, we continually assess through the courses to ensure student mastery.

Students often slip through the cracks within the public school environment; it's hard not to when there are 25+ students assigned to a traditional classroom. Even in a virtual charter school, where state funding is low, the number of students assigned to a teacher is often more than 150 (and sometimes hundreds more)! Those models leave no room to truly individualize learning and provide the flexibility to promote success.

Our passion for this schooling model is evident in all that we do, including our tuition costs. We strive to keep costs as low as possible to allow many students to enroll and make the most of their K-12 education. Tuition dollars stay within the school and are used to expand the learning opportunities to directly benefit your student.

Learn if Ignite is the right fit for your family!

The best way to get an in-depth look at how we do things at Ignite Learning Academy is by attending a Virtual Open House! Whether you can make it in-person, or catch a recorded session, you’ll see how we provide unique learning solutions to families just like yours. By getting to know your child, we tailor-fit to their learning style, preferences, and needs. Get started by clicking below!

View our Virtual Open House!