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Middle school students receive a well-rounded curriculum that includes core courses in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies in conjunction with one or two interest courses that might include:

  • Fine Arts – Drawing, Painting, Music, Photography
  • Technology – Game Design, Computer Basics, Keyboarding, Coding
  • Or a variety of other courses – Spanish, Journalism, Fitness, Study Skills, Python Multiplayer Adventure, Character Education

Middle school students should expect to spend 2.5 - 4 hours completing schoolwork each day.

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Middle school students are invited to attend live classes throughout the week to extend their learning in the online curriculum and work alongside their teachers and peers as they conduct experiments, engage in academic conversation, play games to reinforce their learning, and expand their knowledge. Live classes are hosted in Zoom so students have a chance to get to know one another and build friendships with other students.

Middle school students are also invited to engage in a number of virtual clubs including science, drawing, MathCon, cooking, painting, chess, and more.




At this age, students begin to experience big changes: physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. They begin learning how to express their emotions in an adult manner. They begin to understand other people’s emotions. Academically, the role of the parent/coach lessons a bit from the elementary school years. Students are learning how to manage their own daily schedule and being held accountable for submitting online coursework on time. We also teach them to advocate for themselves when reaching out to teachers or school staff with questions or to request support; this lifelong skill will help them advocate for their needs as an adult.

Our online program allows students to develop confidence in their own individuality while developing their independence and intellect. Through our flexible schedule and curriculum, our online learning allows middle school students to grow confidently in ways that they may not have the opportunity to in a traditional school setting.

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