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How Online School Can Help Anxiety And Depression

How Online School Can Help Anxiety And Depression

Wednesday, January 03, 2024

For some children, school can be a great time to socialize, make friends, and confidently learn in an academic setting, but that isn’t the case for all children. For some children, school can have the opposite effect. Anxiety and depression are things that many children deal with, even in school. So, if school is causing your child to struggle mentally, it might be time to look into online school.

Online schools can be very beneficial for students dealing with anxiety and depression. They won’t be interacting with other students unsupervised. They won’t have to worry about eating alone in the cafeteria or getting called on to walk to the front of the class to solve a challenging math problem. Online school was created for students with different needs, and this includes depression and anxiety. 

How To Go About Online Schooling For Your Child With Anxiety Or Depression

1. Ask Your Child How They’re Feeling

Do you think your child is struggling with anxiety or depression about their in-person school? Have they hinted to you that they’re struggling? If the answer is yes, it might be time to consider switching to an online school. 

Talk with your child and ask them how they feel about school, and see what you can do. You’ll also want to talk with your child’s care provider to find out what to do to help them. It might be medication or a therapist, but will that help with school anxiety? 

Online school is great for children with anxiety. There will be freedom with their schedules and less stressful interactions, all in an uplifting environment.

2. Do Research About Which Online School To Choose

Once you and your child have made the decision to switch to an online school, it’s time to do research. Look online for online schools with outstanding reviews from other parents, reputable rankings, and positive environments. You can even set up a meeting with the school or request information about their services so you can learn how they can work with your child’s struggles.

3. Choose A Good Time In The Year To Transfer To An Online School

Pick a good time in the school year to leave the in-person school. We recommend summer break or even winter break as the best time to transfer. If you pick a time to transfer that’s in the middle of the semester, it might add to your child’s anxiety and stress if they’re navigating new school material to catch up! 

4. Make The Transition, And Prepare

Once you and your child have made the decision, look at blogs, watch videos from reputable sources, and read up on how you can prepare for switching to an online school. You’ll also want to set up an area in your home that will be dedicated to schoolwork. It can be a laptop and some school supplies on the kitchen table, or it could be in their own bedroom. Find an area that will work for your child. 

Once you’re ready to officially transition to an online school, let the school know so you can set up meetings with your child’s teachers to let them know your child’s situation with anxiety. 

Stock up on school supplies, maybe invest in headphones for virtual class, get plenty of paper, and get ready to watch your child succeed! Check out this blog to learn how you can prepare for online school and a new schedule. 

5. Check In With Your Child

Since you’re aware that anxiety and depression are something your child struggles with, you'll want to be sure to check in with your child frequently about their mental health now that they’re attending an online school. Chat with them and ask them questions about how they’re enjoying online school and how their anxiety and depression may have changed. 

If you’re unsure of how to help your child deal with their struggles with anxiety and depression, it never hurts to schedule another appointment with a therapist or care provider. We want your child to be as happy and stress-free as possible. 

About Ignite Learning Academy

Ignite Learning Academy is an online private school created to address the unique learning needs of many children and families. Our students are able to structure their day to complete their schoolwork at a time that works for them, and they can accomplish this from any location with an internet connection!

ILA is a great fit for children who are bored in school, have been bullied, suffer from anxiety, have learning disabilities, are gifted, travel frequently, or simply need a new way to receive their K-12 education.

Our mission at Ignite Learning Academy is to:

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  • Inspire a passion for knowledge
  • Develop independent, inquiring minds and intellects
  • Commit to each child’s personalized learning so they can experience a safe social and emotional environment while gaining skills that prepare them for college and beyond

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