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Parents: Here’s How To Make a Schedule for Online School

Parents: Here’s How To Make a Schedule for Online School

Monday, July 10, 2023

Creating schedules for online school will be a positive way to establish routine and time management for your child. No matter what grade your child may be in, a schedule for school is a necessary part of providing structure and encouraging growth for any child’s education. It is also a great way to encourage your child’s independence by allowing them to prioritize their classwork in a way that best suits them! 

After many children were forced into online and virtual school due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many children found themselves falling behind academically, feeling overwhelmed and stressed with schoolwork, distracted by everyday life, and more. It is true that online school may not be for everyone, but if you and your child want to be successful while learning online, creating a schedule is a great place to start.

What To Do When Making a Schedule for Online School

1. Assess Your Child’s Classes!

Assessing what classes your child will be taking is the first step that you’ll want to take when making a schedule for online schooling. Prioritizing what classes your child will take and creating a schedule based on their preferences is one of the best ways to figure out a planned schedule that’ll work for them! You can find out what classes will be offered on your online school’s website and go from there.

When assessing classes, you’ll want to find out things like when your child prefers to do work for certain subjects! For example, your child might prefer to take care of math homework before science or maybe social studies. It may work best to get their least favorite subjects out of the way first, or it may be easiest to save the more challenging school work until the end of the day.

2. Be Sure To Take Time for Breaks

Sometimes online schooling can be exhausting for your child, but since you’ll get to create their schedule, they’ll have more time for those much-needed stretch breaks, screentime breaks, and, of course, bathroom breaks. 

When creating a schedule for your child, one of the most important parts that is oftentimes overlooked are breaks! You won't just want to take a lunch break; it will be extremely beneficial to take short breaks to prevent too much screen time for just five minutes, when the schedule allows. 

Did you know there are even different ways to take breaks? Many people recommend working for 30 minutes and then taking a five-minute break or even working for 50 minutes and taking a ten-minute break. Finding a method of taking breaks that work best for your child is a great way to ensure they won’t be overworking or spending too much time online.

3. Work With Your Child When Building a Schedule

As a parent, it is totally normal to create your child’s schedule when it comes to homeschooling, but we recommend that you work with your child to create their schedule. Working with your child to create their schedule for online schooling will allow your child a space to let them know where their own priorities lie with school. 

Allowing your child to help create their own schedule is a great way to show them collaboration skills, time management skills, and also independence! With these skills, they’ll have an easier time prioritizing school work, while also having the confidence to achieve their daily goals in the online classroom.

4. Be Sure To Do More Research

There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this blog, you’re already researching how to guarantee the success of your child’s academics while attending an online school. If that’s the case, then you’re doing great! But we recommend that you take time to research more information about different ways to plan when it comes to online schooling.

If you have a friend who does online schooling for their child, you may want to talk with them to see what kind of planning works for them and their child so you can get a realistic look at different ways online school can work. You can also look at our other blogs and put together some information about online schools that will help you better understand the school and thus help you understand scheduling. 

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