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Children work tirelessly for 180 school days spanning, 9.5 months of the year to acquire the knowledge presented in their grade level; but did you know the average student loses up to 27% of that knowledge over the 2.5 months of summer break?  This amounts to a loss of approximately 2-3 months of math and reading learning, yet its easy to halt this 'summer slide' in its tracks! Students in the elementary grades are learning a tremendous amount of new information each school year and foundational skills like decoding, letter knowledge, reading skills, and math concepts can be easily lost if not practiced frequently.  As a parent to elementary students myself, I know they (and I!) need a break during the summer.

This is not online schooling, distance learning, or home schooling. Nothing about this is normal. What we are experiencing now is some new type of teaching and learning in a worldwide pandemic. Let’s call it what it really is – Pandemic Schooling.

As an online school leader for more than a decade, I have observed online education evolve over time. Online education for K-12 students involves relationship building between teachers and students, robust online curriculum that was designed and intended to be utilized in an online setting, virtual clubs, and even some in-person field trips.