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While this is a virtual school, we do not expect students to spend all day staring at words on a computer screen. Our courses are engaging and dynamic. Students will complete a combination of online and offline work. (Younger aged students have a greater amount of offline work than older students.)

Instruction is delivered in a variety of means including written format, audio clips, and a vast variety of video. Curriculum is designed to support learners of all styles: visual, auditory, and even kinesthetic. Students complete hands-on experiments and projects, read novels, and complete research and writing assignments outside of the online classroom.


Upon enrollment, a school advisor will contact the parent/assigned coach to provide an overview of the tools, resources, courses, and platforms used at Ignite Learning Academy. This includes:

  • Course Access
  • Assignment submission
  • Assignment feedback (which will be in either written, audio, or video format)
  • Communication practices that help develop the teacher/student/family relationship
  • How to contact teachers and school staff with questions and for support
  • An overview of all available services, clubs, and other age-appropriate opportunities available to your student



School assemblies are held at the start of the year, and at varied times throughout each semester and these assemblies allow students to see (via a web conferencing tool) their school administrators, teachers, and support staff. Each assembly is recorded and available for future viewing so you are still able to engage, even if you cannot attend live.

We look forward to partnering with you as you begin schooling at ILA!