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Ignite Learning Academy Courses


Ignite Learning Academy was founded under the belief that "Every Child Deserves the BEST!"  We know every child and family has unique interests, schedules, and learning styles and this school can be tailor-fit to meet the needs of enrolled children and families; all while having the assistance of certified teachers as they work through an exceptional online curriculum.

We believe students learn best in an environment that suits their particular needs. ILA families choose their learning environment – for some learning from home works best while others thrive while being in nature. Online learning allows children to develop their school schedule around activities, travel, interests, and simply – their preferences.


K - 8th

Students will be enrolled in four to six courses each semester.

9th - 12th

Students will be enrolled in six to seven courses each semester.


Prior to the student's first day of school, the child will complete a twenty-minute online placement test that provides the school with information regarding their academic content knowledge. This information, combined with prior report cards and discussions with the parent will ensure the student’s academic needs are met. Your child will ignite their learning when placed in appropriately-leveled courses that allow them to thrive!


On the first day of school – or your child's approved start date – you will gain full access to all assigned courses and online curriculum.

You have full control over the structure of your day so choose the course you wish to begin and get to work! You'll find a to-do list for each online course in the top header, and following the suggested course progression will ensure the student is able to finish all work prior to the end of the course.




Every student is assigned a certified teacher (or multiple teachers for higher grades) who is only a phone call, video chat, or email away. Students aren't required to attend any live classes, but we do offer them as a way for students to interact with each other alongside the teacher. This is intentional as we believe the greatest learning occurs when students receive personalized guidance, acceleration, and support specific to the student's current learning.

This is all it takes to ensure your child receives a personalized education appropriate to his or her learning styles, personal interests, and unique needs. Our teachers are trained to observe and teach not only academic skills, but to develop social-emotional skills as well in order to prepare students for their post-secondary goals.

When we bring together 1 teacher, 1 child, and 1 coach, success is ignited! The combination of engaging and dynamic learning experiences through the virtual curriculum - coupled with the support of certified teachers with decades of combined experience in online teaching - will provide both the student and family with an exceptional schooling experience unlike any other!

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