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Ignite Learning Academy Schedule

Our curriculum allows for flexibility in scheduling. Having the ability to dictate your time – the way it best suits you – is crucial to those who have demanding schedules.


Students enrolled at ILA can access their courses anywhere with an internet connection. Our certified teachers oversee your course progression and provide exceptional learning support, so you can achieve ALL your dreams.


The time-demanding schedules of student athletes, performers, and entrepreneurs can leave you feeling overwhelmed. We know you want to be successful, and a traditional school is holding you back from maintaining your competitive edge.

With our online program you can continue your on-the-go nature, while successfully fulfilling your academic requirements. You can manage your time around your commitments and enjoy an individualized education where you, your parents and academic advisor can make a plan that makes sense for the demands of your goals.



With Ignite Learning Academy you will receive not only a great education, but you will benefit mentally, emotionally, and physically from a school that allows you much needed school/goal life balance. You can continue to pursue your passions and select online courses that meet your unique learning style, preferences and needs.

We know you are an individual, capable of pushing through and making your own decisions. With ILA you will enjoy an environment that allows  you to confidently express  your individuality while learning strong time-management skills.

You will have time for things that matter to you. Our flexible approach serves you – so you can achieve greater academic success while still pursuing your own goals and interests.

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