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Ignite Learning Academy Special Services


Independent private schools are not bound by law to provide special education or other federally mandated services one might find within a K12 public school. While Ignite Learning Academy is not legally bound to provide support and services, we value students with exceptional learning needs. In fact, that's why this school was started in the first place!




Students who have an IEP or 504 Plan or who have participated in special education services in the past will thrive at Ignite Learning Academy! Those with special learning needs, anxiety, OCD, or other mental illness will find Ignite Learning Academy to be a safe environment where they’re free to explore online learning on their own terms – with the 1+1+1 support of their parent/coach and teacher who passionately cares about the child’s success.

Students working in courses below grade level meet live with their assigned special education teacher to receive targeted intervention and support in the areas of reading, writing, and math. The frequency of these meetings is driven by student need and all support is in a small group or one-on-one setting. We carefully monitor academic growth throughout the year to ensure your child is progressing and thriving!

If your child has more significant disabilities and would benefit from a specialized special education program, including a self-contained classroom environment, check out our FIRE Academy program.

Ignite Learning Academy also offers a full transition curriculum to prepare students for success after high school. Transition courses include: Identifying Personal Strengths, Identifying and Overcoming Challenges, Building Self-Advocacy, Developing Self-Determination, Interpersonal Skills, Setting Personal Goals, Cultivating Communication Skills, and Exploring Career Options. Students will learn how to write a resume, interview for a job, and develop interpersonal skills to prepare them for success.

Arizona families may qualify for a scholarship that fully covers the cost of tuition at Ignite Learning Academy. Contact us or visit this page to learn more.

At Ignite Learning Academy, your child is given the flexibility they need to thrive. Your child might find that he or she learns best in a quiet room with few distractions, while sitting at the kitchen table, or even at the park! Perhaps your child needs frequent breaks, needs to 'chunk' curriculum into specific pieces, or needs a bit longer to complete assignments.

This online learning program was built to accommodate students with learning differences, and we would love to discuss your existing IEP or special needs in order to ensure your child is well-supported and successful at Ignite Learning Academy.

Students who have been placed on Homebound services due to severe illness or other reasons often do not have continuity in their education and there is a strong desire to engage in activities similar to their similar-aged peers. At Ignite Learning Academy, students can be placed in as few as one or two online courses, if appropriate, and continue to work with certified teachers.

Contact us below to discuss your child's needs.

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