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Who Ignite Learning Academy Serves

While there are many alternative options to your child’s education, Ignite Learning Academy is a perfect gateway from homeschooling to online independent learning or for those seeking consistency in their child's education.

We provide a personalized online program that serves your child’s specific learning style, needs and preferences. Parents can rest assured with the knowledge that a certified teacher oversees all grading, instruction, and content – and they're only a phone call (or email) away from assistance.


"I’m bored.”

Students may not be achieving academic success because the class doesn’t move quickly enough. Your child is strong-willed and wants a class that can keep up with their pace.

“I’m lost.”

Students may be struggling because they require extra support through proven methods. The teacher may not have the special training needed to best assist their student and often the class setting is not conducive to providing individualized attention.

“I have a lot going on.”

Whether on the road or busy with a lot of commitments, traditional school may not fit your family’s lifestyle. Wherever they might be, your child is accountable but requires an education specific to their pace and learning style. Our curriculum makes continuity in education possible while meeting their needs for flexibility and self-directed learning.

“I’m scared.”

The environment your child experiences during their learning can leave a mark that lasts a lifetime. We provide a setting where they can develop confidently while developing their inquiring mind.

“I don’t belong.”

Overwhelming class sizes leave students feeling like “a number”. Our program allows  teachers to get to know each of their students, and children establish peer-to-peer relationships where they otherwise may feel overlooked or out of place.

Through our years of experience in education, we found the traditional classroom setting may not be the most effective approach for  your child’s development. With our online program you and your child can work closely with your academic advisor  to determine the pace and approach that is best for your child. Students experience a safe learning environment, they’re challenged academically, and gain an independent, inquiring mind that sets them up for success – now and in the future.

Ignite your child’s academic success with Ignite Learning Academy!

If you'd rather work as the "teacher" in your home and simply purchase a curriculum to use in your homeschool environment, you can learn more about that option on our Single Course enrollment page.

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