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OITNB Actress at Summer Camp

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Ignite Learning Academy (ILA), a fully accredited online private school, is thrilled to welcome SAG Award-Winning, Orange is the New Black actress, Jessica Pimentel, to their virtual Leading Ladies summer camp.

Campers entering 3rd – 12th grade will have the opportunity to harness their authentic voice and take the lead in writing their own story. Throughout camp, they will hear stories from Jessica and other female leaders as they learn from their experiences, ask questions, and develop their own leadership skills. The young women in attendance will leave camp feeling empowered and knowing their self-worth.

Additional speakers include Erin Lynch, owner at FlyingFox AB, a band, tour, production & event management for bands and artists, as well as a 25-year-old world explorer who has visited five continents and has plans to visit Antarctica, as well as a female game designer who is dominating the industry.
Jessica Pimentel, on social media stated, “Just like Wu Tang, I am for the children…Here’s something special for your young girls” as she shared information about next week’s camp. Leading Ladies seeks to reverse the systemic oppression of women by educating and empowering young ladies to write their own life stories.

Ignite Learning Academy believes camps should be affordable, and a week of virtual camp costs only $75 and allows all children in the same household to attend. Leading Ladies Virtual Camp occurs Monday, June 21 – Thursday, June 24 from 8AM – 10AM PST/11AM – 1PM EST. All young women are welcome to attend, and campers do not need to be enrolled students at Ignite Learning Academy.

Upcoming virtual summer camps include:
• Around the World Camp
• Art Camp: Painting
• Cooking Camp
• DIY Camp
• JavaScript Coding Camp
• LEGO Camp
• Mad Science Camp
• Scratch Coding Camp
• Storytime & Craft Camp

“Our camps are led by experienced educators and industry experts and are specifically designed to engage kids and teens to make learning come alive in a fun and exciting way,” said Banji Denman, Director of Student Engagement.

Ignite is also accepting enrollments for preschool and grades K-12 for the upcoming school year. Currently enrolled students live across the United States, Canada, and abroad, and come from diverse backgrounds. The school offers self-contained virtual classroom learning for students with significant developmental delays in their FIRE Academy Program, as well as a self-contained gifted program for profoundly gifted learners. All students benefit from individualized learning pathways, small class sizes, hundreds of course offerings, and a true school community. ILA offers more than a dozen in-year virtual clubs each week - including Leading Ladies, hosts social hours, study-buddy groups, school assemblies, and even in-person field trips!

The school has a parent satisfaction rating of 99% and student academics out-perform state and national averages for student growth.
Holly B., parent of an enrolled ILA student stated, “For the first time since preschool, I finally feel like I have genuine help. I have a team that believes in and supports my son. A team that only wants the best for him. I finally feel like I can take a breath knowing I don’t have to worry every day about his education. I now see what it’s like to have a team who is willing to do whatever they can to best support him in school”.

Dr. Kelly Van Sande, the school’s founder and Head of School is an experienced educator and school administrator in the state of Arizona where she also holds teacher, principal, and superintendent certifications from the Arizona Department of Education. When describing her passion for the school and its model, she had this to say:
“I founded Ignite Learning Academy to address the needs of students who were slipping through the cracks and/or had the need for a different type of schooling. We have enrolled fourth grade students who could not read upon enrollment, but by the end of the first semester with our caring and determined teaching team were able to read well and were closing the achievement gap. Other students were not challenged in their prior school as they were not permitted to accelerate at the pace appropriate for their level of knowledge. Simply put, Ignite exists because every single child deserves personalized education, a team of educators who not only teach, but also are their biggest fans, and every child deserves the very best.”

Ignite Learning Academy’s model combines small class sizes, one-on-one teacher support, and placement in appropriately leveled academic courses to ensure student success.

About Ignite Learning Academy

\Ignite Learning Academy (ILA) is a fully accredited online private school serving students globally in preschool – grade 12. All students receive a personalized learning plan and path to success, as the faculty of the school recognize no two students learn in exactly the same way. With individualized curriculum, outstanding academic results, an exemplary gifted education program, robust special education program, and rigorous curriculum, students are prepared for college and beyond. ILA has a vibrant school community for both parents and students, and provides many socialization opportunities for students through clubs, activities, field trips, and other school-sponsored events.

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