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Are you ready to see our talented students perform in this year's Talent Show? The wait is over! Check out these talented students in this year's Talent Show video below! Be sure to leave comments to cheer on all participants, and feel free to share this post with family and friends.
Great job, talented Bulldogs!

Emily Reicherts, the mother of one of our incredible Ignite students, penned this essay on motherhood which was officially published earlier this month. We suspect many of our parents can relate to her words and wanted to share them with our school community as well.

Medium shirt, size 7-8. Two long creases, folding the arms across, then fold in half...

The problem with laundry is it is never-ending. I could work all day, washing, drying, folding and someone still thinks they need to change. Day clothes into pajamas. Pajamas into day clothes. For the love of feeling accomplished, can we just all stay in the same clothes for a few days? My suggestion was met with giggles and grins like I was kidding. This mundane task of motherhood marks hours of unpaid labor.

Have you ever wondered why Ignite Learning Academy exists? Hear directly from Dr. Van Sande, our school's founder, to learn why she started Ignite Learning Academy after serving as a public school superintendent for many years.

OITNB Actress at Summer Camp

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Ignite Learning Academy (ILA), a fully accredited online private school, is thrilled to welcome SAG Award-Winning, Orange is the New Black actress, Jessica Pimentel, to their virtual Leading Ladies summer camp.