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online homeschool alternativesIn an age where parents are becoming more and more concerned about their child's academics, especially when considering the public school system, homeschooling has become a more common option. However, not everyone has the time, desire, or level of education needed to foster a positive learning environment for children. This is where online homeschool alternatives come into play.

Is Online School For My Child?

The short answer is yes! However, there are many things to consider when thinking about whether or not you should enroll your child in an online school

While homeschooling may seem like an ideal lifestyle, it is not always practical for busy families. More often than not, both parents are working and have little time to commit to homeschooling, which is a huge commitment. 

Online schooling alleviates the time commitment that homeschooling has. While homeschooling is flexible, parents must still guide their children through a rigorous curriculum to make homeschooling worthwhile. Otherwise, your child may not receive the best possible education.

Some of the main benefits of online schooling are:

  • Parents act as co-teachers while using a curriculum created by an established virtual school.
  • Online schools allow religion to be a driving factor in the education your child receives.
  • Online schools administer state standardized tests, ensuring that your child's education is recognized and accredited. 

What Is the Parent's Role In Online School?

Online schooling should be treated as a bit of a hybrid between parent-led and teacher-led. Parents can still lead the at-home school structure, but have the support of an established curriculum. Additionally, teachers that work through online school help move students through their studies with a combination of lectures and discussions alongside assignments.

This allows for the curriculum to not only fit in the confines of the parent's worldview and lifestyle but also gives students a chance to interface with teachers and administrators so that they have a well-adjusted school experience. 

What About Testing?

There are currently twenty-four states that have some level of assessment required for homeschooled students. These tests not only ensure that children are reaching benchmarks for their age, but also fit within the realm of accreditation for institutions of higher education. 

By working with an online school, your child will be tested based on whatever is required by the state and local accreditation bodies. This is vital so that your child will be ready if he or she decides to apply to colleges and universities. 

Ignite Learning Academy - The Number #1 Choice for Online Private School

Of course, your child's education is incredibly important, and the choice of the parent is a top priority. With that in mind, Ignite Learning Academy is a great online option for children K-12. Regardless of where you live, you can access our curriculum and ensure your child's education will be top-notch.

Our online platform was created to address the unique needs of many children and families. To fulfill our mission, each child works directly with certified teachers who provide one-on-one support to guide the child and their guardian through the curriculum. 

To partner with us, check out one of our virtual open houses, or contact us today!