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Ignite Learning Academy’s online SPARK² program is designed to meet the needs of children who are attending other schools during the day and whose gifted needs are not met, or who desire to go beyond what they receive in gifted classes during the traditional school day.

Students will engage in Project Based Learning to explore engineering, business, STEM, leadership, and so much more! We will even use a virtual reality interface* for students to connect in a fun, new, space as they explore technological advances to bring us closer together - regardless of geographic location.

*Students without a VR device will still be able to engage using a phone, tablet, or PC.

SPARK² is ILA's 'after-school' program for students who aren't attending ILA as a full-time SPARK student.

Gifted and high-achieving students in grades K-12 are invited to enroll.


  • Students meet with similar-aged peers 2x/week for 75-minutes, live in Zoom
  • SPARK² is taught by certified teachers within ILA's SPARK program
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) is our focus
  • Individual and collaborative projects to ignite creativity, imagination, and learning
  • 8th-12th grade students may choose to receive elective credit, awarded by ILA (fully accredited) and issued on a transcript at the completion of each semester. (.5 credits per semester = 1 elective credit/year)
  • SPARK² students are invited to play Minecraft on a secure server, created just for this program!
  • Private Facebook group for parents to connect!

LIVE CLASS OPTIONS ($275/month):

  • Monday & Wednesday, 3:00PM PST / 6:00PM EST (90 Minutes)

Note: Multiple classes of various ages will take place during the session times listed above. Additional offerings may be added in the future, based on demand.


SPARK² students can expect to engage in the projects* listed below throughout the 2022-2023 school year. The SPARK² program meets 2x/week, August - May.

  • Stranded! Can you survive on a desert island as pirates approach? Get ready to build, plan, and create as you work collaboratively with your teammates to rule (and survive) the island!
  • SPARK Tank: Does your business idea have what it takes to be successful? Create a business plan, design the product, market the product, and convince the SPARK Tank to back your product! This project will culminate with students actually selling their items in local Children's Business Fairs and through ILA's website (profits will go the students!).
  • The Science of Happiness will allow older students to explore psychology and leadership through a testing process to discover what makes us uniquely happy!
  • Engineering: Do you have what it takes to build a bridge out of toothpicks? Can you design a roller coaster that is safe and fun? Have you ever used physics to create the perfect paper airplane that can fly farther than all others? This project will ignite curiosity as we have a blast creating!
  • Miscellaneous Projects & Topics: Crack the Code!, Public Policy, Forensic Science, Around the World, Time Capsules, and more.

*Projects may vary slightly based on the age of the child enrolled. This list is intended to serve as an overall sample of what's to come.

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Students in grades 8-12 have the option to earn an accredited high school elective credit for their ongoing participation in SPARK². Students receiving credit must submit all assignments, attend live classes regularly, and may be asked to submit additional extension items to supplement their project, as determined by the teacher.

Students will receive a transcript in January and June showing the grade and completion of each one-semester course. Students have the opportunity to earn .5 credits per semester for a total of 1 elective credit per year. This course may be repeated for credit.

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