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Setting Your Child Up for a Great Online School Year

Setting Your Child Up for a Great Online School Year

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

It’s that time of year again. This is the time of year that some students may dread; some may eagerly welcome the new school year with open arms, and some may feel indifferent about it. Some may have concerns about their academic abilities, and others may have concerns about anxiety, bullying, and more. But online, many students don’t face the same issues!

No matter how your child feels about starting the new school year, it is important to make sure they’re set up for success! Let’s face the reality: starting a new school is a big change, even if we know it’s coming year after year. We’ve created this short list of ideas and tips to help you help your child get ready for the new school year in a fun way that they’ll benefit from!

How to Set Yourselves Up for Success in the Online School Year

Set Up a Designated Area for Homework

Setting up a designated area for online classes, homework, and pretty much anything else school-related is a great way to prepare for the school year. Having a schoolwork area will increase your ability to focus, provide structure, and encourage your child to practice a study routine!

It might sound like a dream to be able to do your schoolwork from your bed, but creating a designated learning space for homework, class, reading, and online meetings will make it so much easier to have a successful learning environment. A successful learning environment in your home might be a desk, an office, or even a setup on the kitchen table.

Be Encouraging

It may be a great idea to sit down with your child and have an encouraging chat about the new school year. Your child has a better chance of academic success if they have a positive support system that encourages them and believes in them. 

You don’t need to sit down and have a formal family meeting or anything, but try having a chat with your child to let them know you’re proud of them and that they can come to you with any concerns or trouble they may face during the online school year.

Look Over Your Schedule and Plan

Another idea that will better prepare your child, and even you, for the new school year is to go over their school schedule and find time for breaks, homework, and anything else you may need to squeeze into your child’s day-to-day schedule. 

Remember to talk with them about their schedule, too. Allowing your child to be a part of creating their own schedule will encourage them to stick with it and eagerly follow their schedule instead of dreading their school day.

Set Goals

Setting goals for the upcoming school year is a great way to start the new semester. You may want to talk with your child and work together to set goals like working better with time management, studying more, keeping up grades, waking up earlier, finishing homework before it’s due, or anything else your child may want to improve this year!

Although setting goals is a great way to encourage success this school year, don’t let your child beat themselves up if they don’t meet every goal they make. Grades are important, but your child’s online teachers will be there to help your child reach their goal of that all-A report card.

About Ignite Learning Academy

Ignite Learning Academy is an online private school created to address the unique learning needs of many children and families. Our students are able to structure their day to complete their schoolwork at a time that works for them, and they can accomplish this from any location with an internet connection!

Our mission at Ignite Learning Academy is to:

  • Propel children’s curiosity for learning 
  • Inspire a passion for knowledge
  • Develop independent, inquiring minds and intellects
  • Commit to each child’s personalized learning so they can experience a safe social and emotional environment while gaining skills that prepare them for college and beyond

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