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academy school onlineMany schools fail to meet the needs of all children, frequently leaving students behind by ignoring their individual learning styles, needs, and aspirations. Ignite Learning Academy was founded to bridge the gaps left by traditional education and meet the diverse learning needs of many children and families. 

Students at ILA feel recognized and cared for, they are encouraged to succeed, and their tuition funds the school’s growth and resources. We also specialize in providing high quality, tailored education for those students with exceptional needs. If you’re considering academy school online, here are a few benefits:

Benefits of Private School Online

1. Schedule Flexibility

Among the top benefits of private school online is the ability for parents and students to personalize their schedules. Extracurricular activities such as athletics and performing arts, volunteering, family time, and so on can be scheduled during school time. 

Unlike traditional school schedules, online lessons can be structured to engage students when they are at their best. ILA students may plan their days to do their coursework when it’s convenient for them, and they can do so from any location with an internet connection. 

2. Affordability

Private online schools do not receive state, county, or district funding. As a result, parents whose children attend private online academies will pay tuition in the same manner as those whose children attend traditional private schools. However, there is one significant difference: online private school tuition can be affordable.

3. Expanded Private School Curriculum

Online private schools provide numerous opportunities for students to succeed. ILA offers accredited education for children in grades K-12 with learning disabilities, autism, and other significant development delays who will thrive when working in a self-contained special education environment.

Our active curriculum allows us to make a connection with children by experiencing the world and nurturing children’s curiosity to accelerate their learning. In addition, our gifted and talented program challenges gifted students’ unique and creative abilities, furthering their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

4. Independence

Like online public school, online private education isn't for every family. However, for some, it's an excellent fit that transforms a child's vision of learning and improves family life. Because of these benefits, a high-quality online private school is a wonderful choice for parents who wish to be active in their child's education.

Private Academy School Online

When you choose Ignite Learning Academy for your child, they will use their curiosity to spark their learning. Our online program helps students attain real-world skills needed to prepare them for their futures. 

At the same time, they’re building confidence, growing in independence, and discovering their inner voice while developing traits like discipline and accountability. For more information on courses for students in K-12 grades, contact us.