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How To Travel During the School Year

How To Travel During the School Year

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Traveling during the school year can be a great option for some families, or maybe even a necessity, but we know that sometimes it can be tricky with a child in school! Dealing with upcoming assignments, attendance policies, and more can be a bit difficult, but we’ve created this article to help you and your child navigate traveling during the busy school year. 

Planning travel can be very overwhelming, especially during the school year, but many parents can make it work for their families! Keep on reading to see if traveling during the school year can work for you!

Traveling During the School Year: How You Make It Work

Reasons To Travel During the School Year

You can beat the crowds, beat the heat, and maybe even travel for more affordable rates during the off-season! If that low-price ticket to Disney World or the affordable cruise is calling your name, traveling during the school year does not have to be such a bad idea. 

Whatever your reason may be, traveling is super beneficial for your child! It might even feel like a reward during the sometimes stressful school year.

You’ll need to be mindful of your child’s schedule and education, but there are many ways to make traveling during the school year work! Maybe the reason you need to travel was something you hadn’t planned on. This can include visiting a sick relative, attending a funeral, traveling for an operation, or a last-minute business trip. 

Most of the time, teachers will be understanding of last-minute circumstances like these, but communication with your child’s teacher is the best way to ensure that your child will still be able to stay on track with the rest of their peers. 

Talk To Your Child About Travel

Take time to talk to your child and find a way to incorporate a trip into their school schedule that won’t put them too behind in class and won’t have them stressing about getting so many assignments turned in while they’re on vacation! Listening to your child and their concerns about homework and attendance is the key to ensuring a stress-free trip.

How To Incorporate Learning Into Your Travel Time

If you’re traveling for pleasure, make sure to include educational aspects of your trip for your child! Finding museums in a city you’re visiting, or maybe even mapping out historical landmarks to stop at on a road trip, is a great way to encourage learning while you’re taking time away from school. 

It is a great idea to encourage reading or working on assignments during travel time on a plane, train, or car! It will give your child something to do and also make the time pass by more quickly. Take a look at this other blog we’ve created to see how you can incorporate learning into travel.

How To Make It All Work

All of these ideas may sound great, but you might be wondering how you can make it work in a way that ensures you have a low-stress vacation and your child won’t miss out on any learning. A great way you can achieve this is to stay on top of homework! This can include working ahead and completing any major assignments your child will have due for the scheduled vacation days.

Another way to make this work is to try to take off time that would work best around your child’s school schedule. It might be a good idea to travel during a long weekend like Labor Day so your child misses less school.

You’ll also want to prioritize communicating with your child’s teachers! If you’ve already planned a vacation before school starts, we highly suggest talking with their teacher to let them know about the dates they’ll miss. Your child’s teacher may allow early submission of assignments and will likely work with you to make sure they don’t miss out on much.

Along with communication, you’ll want to stay up to date on your child’s school’s attendance policies to learn how many absences are allowed or if there are any scheduled days off for holidays! This is all great to know so you can plan ahead for vacation or just in case of an emergency that would require your child to miss school.

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