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online school for high schoolFrom the gifted student looking to be challenged to the student suffering from social anxiety or learning disabilities, online high school welcomes students from all different backgrounds and provides a learning environment that adapts to their individual needs. 

Making the important choice to enroll in online high school can be life-changing but also difficult for families who have no prior experience with online education. Fortunately, Ignite Learning Academy can provide helpful insight into our online high school curriculum and program.

Ignite Learning Academy Online High School

Ignite Learning Academy is an online private school created to address the unique learning needs of many children and families. Our high school curriculum is designed for students in grades 9 through 12. 

High school is a crucial period in a student's life because they will grow mentally, emotionally, and academically as they prepare for college/university. We play a vital part in guiding them through high school by developing and encouraging critical thinking, discipline, and student mastery.

Online schools, like Ignite Learning Academy, offer accredited curriculum for high school students that aligns with state and national standards. Students enrolled at Ignite Learning Academy will continue to take math, language arts, history, and science classes, and will also be able to enroll in more specialized learning routes, optional courses, and foreign languages. 

Personalized Learning

Online high schools have dedicated teachers that know how to inspire and motivate students and students and keep them engaged in learning. They also work closely with families to create a personalized learning plan that fits each student’s unique needs.

Live Classroom 

At Ignite Learning Academy, students in high school are invited to attend live classrooms throughout the week to supplement their learning from the online curriculum and collaborate with their teachers and peers as they conduct experiments, engage in academic conversation, work on projects, and broaden their knowledge. 

All of our live classes are held via Zoom so that students may get to know one another and form friendships with other students.

Extracurricular Activity Options

Students in high school are also encouraged to participate in a variety of virtual organizations, including Student Government, science, sketching, Esports, cuisine, painting, National Honor Society, and others.

Contact Ignite Learning Academy

Want to learn more? Attending a Virtual Open House is the best way to receive an in-depth look at how we do things at Ignite Learning Academy! Whether you attend in person or watch a recorded session, you'll learn how we provide unique opportunities to families like yours. 

We tailor-fit to your child's learning style, preferences, and needs by getting to know them. Contact us for more information, or visit our website